Go Play Games is an interactive mobile game development company that has been up and running in the industry since 2009. Within our long years in the sector, we have fully equipped our arsenal with the exact elements that can take mobile game development to new heights.

Our creative team follows a brilliant methodology from an imaginative conceptualization to a seamless actualization. From the initial planning stage to making prototypes to creating wireframes to designing the graphics through to the actual coding, testing, and overall optimization, we carefully take every step with care and brilliance. We understand how clients want to get every project perfect, and so we have trained ourselves to make perfection our main target.

We cater to a wide range of game genres, from casual types of games to augmented reality. We serve numerous game publishers and producers and have been consistently exceeding the industry’s standard. With almost 11 years of experience in mobile game design and development, we already have released countless of gaming projects that are currently being enjoyed by the masses. We take genuine pleasure in seeing our game development projects actually soaring to great heights.

Our team composes of brilliant minds with distinct skill sets– from game designs, 2D art, 3D models, sound engineering, game development, and Quality Assurance. We have a sturdy experience in multi-platform game development, Unity programming, server side development, as well as integration with third party services. We offer an extensive mobile game design and development to deliver compelling games made possible by advanced technology towards game mechanics. We carefully listen to what you want, and then we make your dream happen.

Competence is measured by results. The top selling games we have brought to life are the actual testimony of our commitment in keeping up with the industry.