Why Are People Getting Hooked on Role Playing Games?

Why Are People Getting Hooked on Role Playing Games?

Playing games are what most kids and adolescents love whenever they have the spare time to do so or when they want to unwind themselves from schoolwork. However, a simple pleasure can somehow turn into an addiction, which leads to the negligence of their studies and poor time management. Game designers make story lines that are catchy with attractive-looking characters and backgrounds. The game becomes much challenging as it progresses, giving players the urge to continue playing until they reach the maximum level or the last and the most difficult enemy; for some instances, new levels are being offered, tempting players not to stop playing. There are plenty of reasons behind game addiction, depending on one’s preference. Though two-player games can be fun since you get to socialize with others, role-playing games (RPGs), however, are much addicting due to its concept of building your character, attending to missions, and at times, testing your analytical skills by solving mysteries just to get going. Unlike fighting games, RPGs require a lot of patience since it involves difficult obstacles and tough bosses. RPGs are mainly designed with difficult yet solvable levels– enough to compel players to train their designated or chosen characters harder and enough to compete with enemies that are quite difficult to defeat.

Here are some of the reasons why most people, especially the adolescents, are hooked up with:

  1. Challenging levels
    Whether you are just starting out or in the middle of the game, you will always face different hurdles in each mission. Your enemies will always be two levels ahead of you to make the game more interesting and thrilling.
  2. Character growth
    • Though it is mainly your objective to finish the level you are currently in, it is also important to increase your character’s stat or train your character for an easier and faster progress of your game.stat or train your character for an easier and faster progress of your game.
    • Some games allow you to add items to make your character’s stat improve/level up.
  3. Mind-twisting cases
    Whilst role playing games were generally created for character growth, part of it also tests the players’ capability in handling problems, gathering clues, and focus.
  4. Socialization
    • Role-playing games allow you to interact with people from across the globe, as long as there is an internet connection. Other games require you to have internet access since some missions can only be succeeded by a group.
    • Other games allow you to bump into other online players for your character to grow and gain higher levels.
    • Apart from the mission, you get to meet different people who are also into the game you are currently playing.
  5. Ending
    • This will always be the primary reason why people are hooked up with role-playing games.Nobody knows how the game would possibly end unless you are too dependent on online search engines, and that is what makes the game even more compelling to play.
    • There can be two to three different endings plotted on a game, and it is certainly up to you how you want to end your game; while some games are only programmed with one ending.

Generally, these are mainly the reasons why most players are tied up with role playing games, albeit some also have their own set of reasons. Just like another game genre, role-playing games are also created for entertainment purposes, but apparently, others have lost their self-control, to the extent of getting addicted to it. Addiction to games is an issue you should not ignore as it can affect one’s lifestyle, social life, and performance at work or in school. Actions must be made immediately to prevent such incident from occurring.

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