Starting your own Game Company

Starting your own Game Company

Most hardcore gamers would most likely have thought of opening up their own game development company. Sure, you may be an expert in gaming and have a lot of ideas for new games, but do you have what it takes to run your own business? If you think you do, here are a few steps to take to really set up your own gaming company.

Step 1: Make it a hobby first

If you are really serious about being a game developer, practice and turn it into a hobby first. You can work with some existing game development companies. This way, you will also know if it is the right career path for you.

Step 2: Learn the Ropes

mobile game development process

In order to learn how to make video games, you have to first break down what a video game is. You have to know the anatomy of a video game and know the tools that can be used to create games. For that, you may need to take up some courses so that professionals can teach you step by step.

Step 3: Consider the Costs before going into business

Once you are ready to make a business, then you have to consider the costs. When starting a business on limited capital, always start small. If you will start as a home-based business or a freelancer, you will have to consider these costs:

  • At least $1,000 for a whole computer set
  • $20 for a mouse
  • $20 for a keyboard
  • $1,000 for utilities (electricity, and internet)
  • $10 for licensed sound effects for your games
  • $100 for game music
  • $200 for a printer and scanner
  • Around $2,000 for licensed softwares
  • $3,000 for other miscellaneous

As you expand, your costs will grow. You will probably need more computers, employees, business licenses, and a rented space. Before expansion happens, you need to be able to make a business plan on how you expect your company to profit and grow.

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