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Game Developers Conference 2020

Game Developers Conference

The GDC or the Game Developers Conference 2020 was held last August 3-4, 2020 at Cologne, Germany. It was one of the largest events ever that was attended by professionals in the game industry and we were given the opportunity to attend. The main objective of the event was to inspire and teach those professionals and the community in the game industry.

Attending the conference has given us the chance to obtain further information, knowledge and skills about game development. The topics were discussed by the experts in the industry. Aside from the tutorials and summits, we also learned valuable insights about the following:

  • Business and Management Track logo – We were able to see the whole playing field of the game development business, and we have gained insights about how to expand in it.
  • Game Design Track logo – The attendees were given the opportunity to learn how to create immersive, compelling games that require thorough visualizing, understanding, tuning and demonstrating using various game systems and tools.
  • Production Track – This category helps developers to have solid techniques in managing game production regardless of the scope and size of the game.
  • Programming Track logo – As a game developer, we have been facing challenges in producing games. Through the Programming Track, we learned how to attract the attention of the public because it focuses on the challenges presented by the new generation including mature consoles, competitive sales environment, new handhelds and high production values.

Attending the Game Developers Conference 2020 is a great opportunity for game developers and other professionals in the industry. It provides new insights about the cutting-edge technologies. The GDC 2020 isn’t only for game developers but also for venture capitalists and business development managers, visual artists and game designers, executive producers and programmers.

What makes this event worthy to attend is that the hosts and speakers are icons in the game industry, thus it’s guaranteed that the attendees are bound to learn brilliant information as each mentor offers the best content for each session. Likewise, all the major concerns regarding game development were addressed; at the same time, the attendees have also discovered new possibilities that they can venture in this ever growing game development world.

The Game Developers Conference 2020 was the perfect event that gathered professionals having the same interest. It gave everyone the chance to cope with the ever-changing landscape of video game development.

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