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Thanks to new software developed by game publishers, you are free to play your favorite games from virtually any mobile device, wherever you want. Patiently waiting for your turn at the bank? Stuck in a monster traffic jam on the way home after a long day at work? Mobile game developers have a wide range of online entertainment to offer, including bitcoin gambling.

The evolution of online Bitcoin gambling and mobile casinos

To grasp the importance of the role played by the smartphone (or computer), it is necessary to trace its origin. Unveiled to the public in February 1946, the ENIAC is considered the ancestor of the modern computer. Indeed, the first computers were light years away from the mobile devices of the contemporary era. It is even said that they fit into entire buildings when we had finished assembling the components! Of course, the evolution of technology and the democratization of the Internet have contributed to the flourishing of online gambling and, since the passage in Antigua and Barbuda of the Free Zones and Free Trade Act in 1994, its sphere of influence took on titanic proportions that one would never have imagined less than 70 years ago. 

But the first appearance of Bitcoin in gambling dates back only to 2011 when the first online poker game was played using crypto money. The next entry into the gambling industry was in 2012 with the so-called “Satoshi Dice”. 

With times, the size of computers has shrunk considerably, the question arose of knowing how to meet the needs of an increasingly less sedentary population. To this end, countless small format products have flooded the markets with the sole aim of providing information and entertainment programs to those who do not have time to take a break. 

The exciting world of mobile casino

Even though online casinos were not born late in the digital world, the same is not true for casinos available on mobile devices. The commercialization of smartphones (or laptops) has helped shape a whole new world of online gambling, a boon for players who do not want to leave the comfort of their home to play at the casino. In the last few years, we observe the boom of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin in particular. Available through web browsers or mobile apps, earlier versions of mobile device casinos didn’t look good. Since then, casino games have undergone significant improvements.

The ultimate goal of online casinos being to adequately meet the requirements of their players and one of the main customers’ requirements is always keeping up to date. That’s why there is a wide range of online casinos where you can play for cryptocurrency, as well as for fiat money too.  While no casino worth its salt wants to remain impervious to technological innovations, it is essential to ensure that your online casino has a mobile application and can offer secure and convenient transaction methods, such as making deposits and withdrawals using crypto-wallets.

Should you play at the crypto casino with an Android or an iPhone?

The advent of the iPhone has forced game providers to look for other ways to capture the interest of an audience hungry for new technologies. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between the Android and the iPhone mobile gaming:

  • The overwhelming majority of games that you can find in an online casino are compatible with iOS. Although access to some slot machines is prohibited from a mobile device for reasons related to the complexity of the graphics, you will not fail to savor the variants of blackjack, roulette, or even craps. In this chapter, Android is on the same wavelength as its competitors. Most of the games that you will find in classic online casinos are compatible with Android. Moreover, this mobile operating system will offer you frequent updates to optimize your gaming experience.
  • Although you can play a wide variety of games from your iPhone or Android, it’s not always easy to find downloadable apps on Android for the simple reason that Google doesn’t allow online casinos. The real money to list theirs on Google Play. In addition, this problem does not arise for owners of an iPhone since all applications are downloadable from the Apple App Store. They will be able to play for real money anytime, anywhere. However, users of an Android device will soon be able to solve the problem by skillfully rummaging in the corners of the web.

Mobile casino with or without download?

Most mobile casinos come in two forms: casinos with downloadable installer software and no-download casinos. While both work well, note that downloadable applications will perform better than no-download versions due to better insensitivity to external interference. Besides, games in HTML5 format work in such a way that you no longer need to install Flash on your mobile device. While most casino games respond quite well to mobile browsers, others tend to crash because of the many parameters that enable their operation.

As stated earlier, if your mobile device is powerful enough and has enough storage space to download an app, it would be a good idea to go for a casino with downloadable installer software so you can open the app whenever you want. Unlike no-download casinos, the game you play will scale to your screen size. On the other hand, Google does not allow real fiat money or even Bitcoin casinos to catalog their downloadable applications. You will only be able to play it in play money. If only the excitement of real money gambling drives you, it goes without saying that you should choose a browser casino instead.

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